Прочитайте, как обстоят дела у сайта Дневников и как вы можете помочь!

Возвышенная волосатая личность. Злобный творческий извращенец. Пушистик медовый. ~ Ягодка :3 ~
Даже не знаю что и сказать... Вот так могут дурачиться музыканты.

2013-03-12 в 01:52 

Алая Маска
Никто на этом свете не стоит твоих слез. (с)
Рэйчел прекрасен! )) Это с какой силой надо было воткнуть стул в стену? :laugh:

2013-03-12 в 02:00 

Red Nya
Det påminner mig om något ;)
Looks like I know what to do tomorrow at the office! :lol:

2013-03-12 в 02:04 

Желтая Маска
Yes, My Lord.
Red Nya, what a nice idea :gigi:

2013-03-12 в 08:41 

"Летчик жив - полет удался" (с)
:lol: Рейчел!.. :vict: Интересно, ножка стула с другой стороны из стены вышла? Люблю этот момент. И вообще это видео. :heart:

2013-03-12 в 14:51 

Red Nya
Желтая Маска, Actually, it is normal for my office. But stick a chair against the wall it would be something new.

These guys as much fun as the people with whom I work. They are just epic

2013-03-12 в 15:22 

Желтая Маска
Yes, My Lord.
Red Nya, You are so happy - your collegues have a good sense of humor :) I can't say the same about my office.

Otherwise the guys on this vid have a very warm amicable humor. And they're strong enough to stick a chair into the wall))
Love this video :walkman:

2013-03-12 в 18:06 

Red Nya
Желтая Маска They have a great sense of humor. And... I am such a nice boss :shy: :lol:
Feel sorry for you.

It's great that they have this kind of humor.
Yes, need a lot of strength to do it. And Rachel is strong enough for this.

By the way, Sebastian is amazing frontman. And very impressive how he is interacts with the audience.

2013-03-12 в 18:26 

Желтая Маска
Yes, My Lord.
Red Nya, Oh, a boss... Then you're lucky twice. You can joke such a way yourself and meet entire understanding among the collegues :D (I'm just kidding)

I suppose not only Rachel could do it ;-)

Sebastian is a great singer and the best frontman I've ever known. Unfortunately I didn't see his live shows, but I hope so :tear:

2013-03-12 в 18:56 

Red Nya
Желтая Маска, lead developer in one of the departments of the company. Not founder of the company or something like that. And, unfortunately, some of the jokes are forbidden for all, especially for me. But I still the ultimate troll :3

I'm just sure about that

Yes, he's is. Without a doubt.
Unfortunately I missed his concert because of work. It was wery sad :/

2013-03-12 в 19:21 

Желтая Маска
Yes, My Lord.
But I still the ultimate troll :3
Red Nya, :five: Sure your collegues are never bored with you ))

I felt the same sadness when I knew I missed a concert of Skid Row in Moscow as well as Sebastian's show (not long ago) because of my traveling abroad. But I hope for a chance to catch any of them in Europe in the nearest future.

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